Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fast Forward!

I know that it has been forever since I have updated this blog...heck, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone has deleted me from their list of blogs they follow...but I am back!

I feel like there are so many things that have happened during the last few months that I could never catch everyone up. So, I am going to cheat and copy a blurb from that I wrote to catch friends up there.

Ok, I have waited and waited to post this...mostly because it all seems surreal...but tomorrow is the big day!

I'll arrive at the surgeon's office at 7:30am, to have my out-patient plastic surgery! As you can see from the title of my post, I am having a hip to hip tummy tuck, the girls lifted with implants and a small thigh lift. The grand total should be 6 hours under epidural anesthesia, for roughly 14k.

I am really excited, a little nervous, but mostly ready to get the show on the road. My LAP-BAND® sx was 2 years ago, and I was successful in losing 125lbs. I have always been apple-shaped, and the weight loss has left me with a less-than-thrilling apron. Following my consultation with my PS, I decided to go for the gusto and get the works! I plan on taking before pics tonight, and will post them when I get home from sx.

Well, I guess starting this post makes it all real...I better get moving on the to-do list! Talk to you all soon!

When I got home from the hospital, I posted this:

Hi guys! I am home from the surgery, and everything went well! I never was really scared today. The entire surgery center team was first class! Very friendly and they took every opportunity to make sure my needs were being me!

I am percocet for pain, and phenergan for nausea. So far, no nausea...and that is a very good thing. I hate to puke! So far the pain I am having is near my arm pits, and I would say 2/10. Mostly when I take a deep breath or need to use my arms to get up. The other pain is more of a burning feeling in my incisions in my inner thigh. This is even present at rest, but I would say that is also a 2 or 3/10.

Thanks for the well wishes, and yes, I will post before pics in a few day when I can take the binder off. Thanks again, Niki

So I am two days post op now, and have had an amazing experience. I took my dressings off and got my first look at the results. The girls are very swollen! I am hoping they settle down soon! LOL My belly is ok. I was always very concerned about looking "boxy" and I am still a little worried about skin that might be left under my breasts. I LOVE MY NEW BELLY BUTTON! How funny is that to say??? And my favorite part so far is my thighs. It is funny because we were not going to do them at first, but decided that I really wanted to be able to wear a bathing suit and feel comfortable...and I LOVE them!

Yes, Russ did take pics, and if you would like to take a peek let me know. I plan on posting them on, too.

Thanks for the support!

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Christy ~ Central Air said...

Congrats! Please do post your before/afters. How exciting for you!